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Conservation and Utilization of Swamps in Sanjiang Plain, Heilongjiang Province-An Opinion for Developing Sanjiang Region

Li Chonghao Yi Fuke Zheng Xuangfeng Li Penglai Ding Shouqin Zhao Kuiyi   

  • Online:1981-02-10 Published:1981-02-10
  • Contact: Lin Ying Long Dizong Yang Xiangxue

Abstract: Sanjiang plain is situated in the Northeastern of China. It’s a low alluvial plain formed by Songhuajiang, Heilongjiang and Wusulijiang. The plain is one of concentrical distribution areas of swamps and swampy meadows in our country. The area of swamps is about 17.41 million mu, making up 22.62% of the whole plain. The area of swampy meadow is about 18.55 million mu, making up 24.1%. The swamp of Sanjiang plain is a vast biologic storage reservoir, and it has a function to regulate climate. There are many fibrous plants to develop the sideline productions and the diversified economy in the swamp. There appear rich peat resources to develop organic fertilizer. The swamp is an important and an indispensable factor influencing the ecological balance of the Sanjiang plain. So it is necessary to set up a conservation area of swamp there. In the recent years, some questions have been appeared because of reclamation. In this paper, we approach to discuss these questions, including the ratio of land used for farming, forestry, animal husbandry, sideline production and fishery, the benefit and harmness of swamp, the blackstorm after reclamation and so on.

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