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Picea meyeri and Its Spruce Forest in the Nei Monggol Sands

Xu Wenduo   

  • Online:1983-01-10 Published:1983-01-10
  • Contact: Liu Jinlin

Abstract: There is a large area (about 5,900 hectare) covered with a primitive spruce forest in the sands at Baiyinaobao of Hexigten Banner in Nei Monggol. But which species this spruce forest belongs to is still a debatable problem in botanical taxonomy. The author has studied on this subject in different ways, which include investigation on the spot, identification of specimens, cultural experiments and analysis of geographic distribution.According to the research result, the species of the forest identified by the author is Picea meyeri Rehd. et Wils. This kind of spruce forest is a very rare and special type of forest ecosystem in the world. The detailed studies on phytocommunity characteristics provided scientific basis for improving the sands in western part of North-east China and eastern part of Nei Monggol and founding of a shelterbelts in North-east, North-west as well as North China.

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