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Investigation of Cathaya argyrophylla on Shahe Forest Region of Daozhen County in Guizhou Province

Xu Youyuan, Liu Lu   

  • Online:1983-01-10 Published:1983-01-10
  • Contact: Qi Chengjin

Abstract: The Shahe forest region is located on the area between 29˚8′45″—29˚13′30″N and 107˚31′—107˚35′45″E. The distribution of Cathaya argyrophylla ranges in elevation from 1400--1700m above sheer precipice and overhang rock, where the soil is deeper and the soil pH is between 3.4—4.6; the content of organic matter on surface soil is 4.8—20%, but on the lower horizon is 1.0—4.0%.Cathaya argyrophylla generally assembles in rather small pieces and grows with broad-leaved tree to form a mixed forest. The paper analysed and compared with the communities of Cunninghamia lanceolata-Quercus glandulifera var. brevipetiolata-Cathaya argyrophylla, Pinus taiwanensis–Cyclobalanopsis glauca–Cathaya argyrophylla as well as Lithocarpus hancei-- Quercus englcriana–Acer sinense--Cathaya argyrophylla, simultaneously, indicated that the main companions of relict Cathaya argyrophylla reflected characteristics of China--Japan forest vegetation subregion. Through analysing the biological characteristics of Cathaya argyrophylla found that its height in the period of growth increased most rapidly in the first 40 years and grew slowly 80 years later; the annual average height growth rate can be arrived 0.24m. Similarly, the diameter at breast-high in the period of growth increased most rapidly in the years from 40--70, and distinctly decreased 70 years later, the maximum annual average growth rate was 0.34m.

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