Chin J Plan Ecolo ›› 1991, Vol. 15 ›› Issue (4): 303-311.

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A Study on Microorganism and Biochemical Activity of Chinese-fir Plantation on Different Ecological Area in Guangxi

Hu Cheng-biao, Zhu Hong-guang, Wei Yuan-lian   

  • Online:1991-04-10 Published:1991-04-10
  • Contact: Gao Qiong

Abstract: In this paper, We studied soil microoganism and biochemical activities of Chinese-fir plantation on the four different ecological area of Longshen county, Yishan county, Cenxi county and Tianlin county in Guangxi. The results of the studies indicate. 1. In terms of the amount of microbe and the quantity of groups, the forest areas of the Lilou in Longshen county and the Laoshan in Tianlin county appear to be the greatest, and the Qiping of Cenxi county the scond, and the Qingyuan of the Yishan county the least. 2. The soil boichemical activities (the stransformable intensity of soil nitrogen, the stransformable intensity of carbon in soil, soil enzymes activities, soil respiration intensity) were the highest on the Lilou and Laoshan, and the Qiping were the second, and the Qingyuan were the lowest. 3. In the four different Chinese-fir plantation areas, the stand growing is the best in Lilou and Laoshan, and the Qiping is the second, and the Qingyuan is the poorest. This′s also the order of the amount distribution of soil microbe and the biochemical activities in these areas.

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