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On Shade Tolerance of 741 Poplar

Pei Bao-hua, Guo Jin-qi, Zhang Su-ju   

  • Online:1996-03-10 Published:1996-03-10
  • Contact: Gan Jian-min

Abstract: Using black shading net, we set up four light conditions (e. g. 100%, 24.5%, 7.5% and 2.5% of full light) under which the cuttings of poplar grown. The effects of light intensity on leaf growth, leaf anatomic structure, chlorophyll content, light-photosynthesis curve, growth of newly produced sprouts and biomass were investigated. The results show that 741 poplar is a light tree species. Biomass and other parameters were all higher under 100% light than the other light conditions. The plants had a strong compensation at the level of 24.5% of full light. The single leaf area, growth rate of newly produced sprouts, chlorophyll content and petiole length were larger, but total biomass was smaller, under full light than 34.4% of full light conditions. Under 7.5% of full light, the plants reached their limitation of shade tolerance. The plants were not able to survive for long term under 2.5% of full light conditions.

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