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A Preliminary Study on the Water Regimes of Sabina vulgaris in Maowusu Sandland, China

DONG Xue-Jun, CHEN Zhong-Xin, ALATENG Bao, LIU Zhi-Mao and SIDENG Dan-Ba   

  • Online:1999-04-10 Published:1999-04-10
  • Contact: GE Ying

Abstract: This paper deals with the water regimes of Sabina vulgaris community in China’s Maowusu Sandland. In the typical sites of Sabina vulgaris community, two sample plots were selected at the top dune and the depression, standing for the poor and good water condition, respectively. The effects of water deficit on the water regimes of the plant are discussed with the aid of field collected data of transpiration rate, stomatal resistance, water potential, community characteristics and soil water conditions, etc. The main results are: 1) Although transpiration rate of Sabina vulgaris was relatively low, water consumption of the community might be so remarkable that the individual plant might easily be confronted with conditions of water deficit, and 2) as a result , the degradation of Sabina vulgaris community was due partly to the shortage of water. 3) The lowland covered with sand, where water conditions is good, was more appropriate for planting Sabina vulgaris. However, in planting this shrub in the soft and hard ridges, or high moving dunes where ground water is unavailable, attentions should be paid to both the extent and density of this plant.

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