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The Effect of the Maceration Extract of Dicranopteris dichotoma on the Growth of Several Plant Species

Ye Ju-xin Hong Rui-chuan Nie Yi-ru Liu Wen-yan   

  • Online:1987-03-10 Published:1987-03-10
  • Contact: Liu Yu-cheng

Abstract: Dicranopteris dichotoma shows a great capability in the struggle for existence and a strong excluding force against other plant species in natural communities. We paid much attention to the restraining effect of the chemical secretions of Dicranopteris dichotoma on the other plant species for the exploitation of the waste grasshill fruticeta-herbosa of the subtropic area. Therefore, we had chosen Pinus massoniana, Crotalaria mucronata, Medicago lupulina, M. sativa, Pueraria lobata Trifolium pratense, T. repens, Festuca elatio, Phalaris tuberosa as materials for the experimental cultivation. The result shows that the maceration extract of Dicranopteris dichotoma can restrain the growth of the above-mentioned plants except Pinus massoniana.

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