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Dynamics of pH Value and Metal Elements of Rainfall within Mixed Forests in Japanese Pine and Cypress

Lu Yunguo, Yu kio katayama, Kazuo Nishimura, Asami Nakanishi, Hitomi Okazaki   

  • Online:1996-03-10 Published:1996-03-10
  • Contact: Shi Sheng-bo

Abstract: Based on the data collected from a small mixed forest watershed of Pinus densifora sieb. et Zucc,Pinus thunbergii Path and Chamaecypari sobtusa sieb. et Zucc. ex Endl. at Kiryu nature reserve and a small barren watershed at Jakujo nature reserve, Ootsu,Shiga,Japan,the pH values,electrical conductivities and concentrations of metal and nonmetal elements in rainfall ,throughfall ,stemflow and drainage have been studied. The results show that both the mixed forest ecosystem of pine and cypress and the soil draw from granite greatly (barren) affected the pH values and metal elements of rainfall while the effect of the mixed forest was greater than that of the barren. Moreover, the amount of input of most elements was larger than that of output in the ecosystems ,having a tendency of accumulation.

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