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The Relationship between Vegetation and Soil-Water Conservation at Mengyin County in Yi-Meng Mountainous Area, Shandong Province

Zhou Guangyu   

  • Online:1983-01-10 Published:1983-01-10
  • Contact: Zhang Jinquan

Abstract: The area of soil and water erosion in Shandong Province amounts to 44300km2, 79.3% of the total mountainous and hill regions in Shandong. Yi-Meng mountainous area is the most serious one in Shandong Province. Mengyin County is a typical case, the average amount of erosion soil in farmland is 2.09m3/mu/yr., resulting in a reduction of 3mm from soil layer.Destruction of the natural vegetation cover is the main cause of soil and water erosion. Other causes include reclamation, uncontrolled grazing, unreasonable overall arrangement of cultivated vegetation and unreasonable farming.Recovery of the forest is a fundamental measure for soil and water conservation. Besides, effectively controlling the soil and water erosion, prohibiting unreasonable reclamation, uncontrolled grazing and farming system, and carrying on effectively capital construction work on the farm are also necessary measures. Thus we can promote production and raise the living standard of the masses.

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