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    Volume 18 Issue 2
    10 February 1994
    Research Articles
    Ecological Studies on the Forest Community of Castanopsis platyacantha-Schima sinensis on Emei Mountain
    Yang Yi-chuan, Zhuang Ping, Li Xi-rong
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  105-120. 
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    (1) The community of Castanopsis platyacantha-Schima sinensis is one of the typical types of the evergreen broadleaved forest vegetation in the midsub-tropical mountainous region of West China.(2) This primary forest community distributes in an altitudinal range from 1200m to about 1600m on Emei Mountain (N29˚31′—38′, E103˚15′—28′) where the mean annual rainfall (1951—1983) was 1000mm. Ten plots (of 0.4ha)at altitudes from 1230m to 1580m on the western slope of this mountain were studied in detail.(3) There is a floristic composition with about 61 families, 116 genera and 171 species in the plots, which is interesting to note that the tropical types of family and genus occupy a noticeable position both by their numbers and Importance Values (Ⅳ.). The diversity was computed by Simpson index, shannon-Wiener index, PIE and Evenness, and the higher results are 9.71, 4.11, 0.89 and 76.57.(4) The physiognomy of the community is dominated by both the lifeform (Raunkiaer′s system, 1967) with evergreen Microphanerphytes-Moaophanerphytes and the leave characters with Microphylls-Mesophylls, Corlaceous-Thick coriaceous textures, Single form and Entire margin. The most significant characters are that there is an abundance of Liana and Epiphytes in this community.(5) The complex structure has a distinct vertical stratification which can be divided into five strata or layers (Richards, 1952). The tree stratum can be divided into three sublayers A, B and C further, and the shrub layer can be divided into two sublayers. Some higher individuals of the shrub species enter to C sublayer of the tree stratum. Both Castanopsis platyacantha and Schima sinensis occupy much higher IVs than any other tree species and become the constructive species and the dominant species of the community, which is named by.(6) The age-structures of the main tree populations are at increasing and steady states Therefore, this community has a higher ecological stability and its dynamic status is a type of progressive succession. In the other aspect, there are indications that the competitive substitute and exotic species succession coexist in the community. Moreover, other questions, e. g. patterns of the populations, similarities of the studied quadrats and associations between the species, were discussed in this paper.(7) This area is exactly located at the ecotope of rainfall peak not only on the horizonal belt but on the vertical belt of this mountain. It is the most important ecological reason why there are so many dramatic characters of the subtropical rain-forest vegetation in the southern subtropical areas of China remaining in the community of Castanopsis platyacantha-Schima sinensis on Emei Mountain.
    The Characteristics of Biomass and Conversion Efficiency of Solar Radiation for Principal Types of Alpine Grasslands in Tianzhu, Gansu Province, China
    Hu Zi-zhi, Sun Ji-xiong, Li Yang, Lon Rui-jun, Yang fa-lin
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  121-131. 
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    This article reports research results on the characteristics of biomass, net primary productivity and conversion efficiency of solar radiation in Tianzhu alpine Rhododendron + Salix-moss grassland (RMG), Polygonum viviparum grassland (PVG), Kobresia capillifolia grassland (KCG)and improved grass-forb semiartificial grassland, perennial grass artificial grassland and oat grassland. The aboveground and underground maximum biomass of RMG and PVG on the northern slope are larger. The maximum aboveground biomass and standing crop in the improved grasslands have been increased by irrigation, fertilization, ploughing and seeding, while the underground biomass has been decreased. Among the natural grasslands, the net primary productivity of the aboveground, underground and whole community (above underground part) of PVG are the highest, and that of RMG the lowest. The net primary productivity of the aboveground of the three types of improved grasslands are markedly higher than their original grassland-KCG and increases with the intensity of improvement, but that of underground is markedly lower and decreases with the intensity of improvement. The conversion efficiencies of total radiation for aboveground in RMG, PVG and KCG are 0.074%, 0.155% and 0.110%,respectively. The conversion efficiencies for aboveground of the three types of improved grasslands are higher than that of natural grassland with the exception of underground. The conversion efficiency for the whole community in oat grassland is higher than that of natural grassland.
    Exploration of the movements of Water and Dissolved Salts in Soils under Different Plant Communities in Aneurolepidium chinese Grassland of Songnen Plain
    Zhang Wei-zheng, Gao Qiong
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  132-139. 
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    The movements of water and Total Dissolved Salts(TDS)in soils were closely related to the plant community in Aneurolepidium chinense grassland of Songnen Plain. The results of our study showed: that the water conductivity (WC) in the saturated soils,under different communities was 0.0586cm·h-1 (Aneurolepidium chinense), 0.0567cm·h-1 (Calamagrostis epigeios), 0.0175cm·h-1 (Aeluropus littoralis var. sinensis)and 0.0004cm·h-1 (Suaeda corniculata); that the soil matric suction (SMS)was greatly higher under Suaeda corniculata than under Aneurolepidium chinense when the soil moisture was similar; that the amount and velocity of upward moving water in the soil were smaller under Aneurolepidium chinense than under Suaeda corniculata, but those of downward moving water were larger under the former, therefore, it brought about the accumulation of dissolved salts in the uplayer of the soil under Suaeda corniculata,but under Aneurolepidium chinense the amount of dissolved salts decreased quickly with the precipitation in the summer.
    Nitrogen Accumulation and Cycling in a Monsoon Evergreen Broad-Leafed Forest ——the Cryptocarya concinna, Lindera chunii Community of Dinghushan
    Mo Jiang-ming, Ding Ming-mao, Zhang Zhu-ping, Yi Wei-min
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  140-146. 
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    The nitrogen concentration of various organs of 44 plant individuals belonging to 20 species, the nitrogen accumulation and distribution, and the nitrogen biocycling in a Monsoon Evergreen Broad-leafed Forest-the Cryptocarya concinna, Lindera chunii Community of Dinghushan were measured by this study following the study on biomass and net primary productivity of the community. The nitrogen storage(kg·ha-1) in the vegetation was 1021.14, of which 986.64 in arbor layer, 5.57 in shrub layer, 9.58 in herb layer and 19.35 in woody lianas. Nitrogen absorption, returning and annual accumulation in the community were 215.52, 172.19 and 43.33 kg·ha-1·yr-1, respectively. Higher recycling coefficient and short turnover time indicated the characteristics of fast material cycling in southern subtropical area and community that we studied is in a stage of vigorous growth.
    Study on the Vertical Changes of the Water-Heat Conditions and the Ecological Benefit of Forest in the South Slope of Laoshan Mountain of Tianlin in Guangxi
    Huang Cheng-biao, Huang, Wen-jun, Wei Feng
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  147-160. 
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    A comparative study on the water-heat conditions and meteorological and hydrologic factors of the forest vegetation in different elevations of the south slope of Laoshan mountain in Tianlin county of Guangxi was made from 1982 to 1991. In the study, the characteristics of the vertical changs in the waterheat cinditions of the mountain was revealed and the regression models on the relationships between these meteorological and hydrologic factors were established. In this paper, we will describe the role that forest plays in improving climate and conserving water resource, reducing runoff and preventing soil erosion etc. in this region. All the conclusions show that the forest in the south slope of Laoshan mountain plays an important role in safeguarding the ecological balance in the region.
    A Study on the Transpiration and Water-Deficit Regime of the Artemisia ordosica Community
    Yang Bao-zhen, Dong Xue-jun, Gao Qiong, Liu Zhi-mao, Alatengbao
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  161-170. 
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    This paper is concentrated on the comparative study of the ecophysiological characteristics of the Artemisia ordosica communities in different soil types. Our results show that 1. The shrub growing in the dune community is in an better growth potential than that in the fixed dune community. The biomass of the dune community is about 4--5 times that of the fixed dune community; 2. The soil water conductivity of the dune community is up to 10 times that of the fixed dune community; 3. Water potential and the difference between leaf and cuvette temperature can be used as indicators of the growth regime of Artemisia ordosica, whereas transpiration rate and diffusive resistance are less sensitive.
    Study on Lipid Peroxidation in Spring Wheat Leaves with Ozone Fumigation
    An Li-zhe, Wang Xun-ling, Li Lan
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  171-176. 
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    Spring wheat plants (Triticum aestivum)were fumigated with ozone of low concentration (0.1ppm) for a long period of time in open-top chamber. With the increase in fumigation time, the content of chlorophyll in leaves decreased,the formation of malondialdehyde (MDA) and electrolyeic leakage increased linearly.Plants were exposed to ozone of various concentrations (0.2ppm, 0.3ppm and 0.4ppm) for a given time. The higher the ozone concentration became, the more rapidly the content of chlorophyll in leaves declined and the formation of MDA and the electrolyic leakage rose. As fumigated with ozone of low concentration or for a short time, the activity of superoxide dismutase (SOD) in leaves tended to increase; While high ozone concentration or long fumigation time caused a decrease of SOD activity. These results suggested that the matabolic disorder and various injury in leaves induced by ozone were the result of the increase of lipid peroxidation.
    Studies on the Reasonable Density and Reasonable Density Curve of Poplar Seedlings
    Wu Zeng-zhi, Yu Xiao-zhi, Yang Rui-guo, Liu Yan-qin, Xu Gui-sheng
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  177-183. 
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    Based on the results of density experiments involving Populus canadnesis, P. euramericana Guinie cv-214 and Zhongbao 14 which were carried out from 1988 to 1991, the effects of initial density of a stand and competition among individual trees are analyzed in this paper. The reasonable density, buffering effect, range of reasonable density and line of reasonable density of upper limit are also presented. Meanwhile, we find that the distribution of reasonable density of upper limit on the figure of double logarithm abides by logistic distribution model (lnw=K/1+e(0.732·lnN-2.429) This distribution curve shows a reversed‘S’shape. This curve can be divided into upper, middle and lower regions, all of which are roughly the same as ln(w)--ln(N) line. In the middle of the curve, its slope is about -1.5; and this is taken as the reasonable density line of upper limit. Finally, the dynamics of density and growth of a stand are summarized and discussed.
    Studies on Interrelation Between Salt Vegetation and Soil Salinity in the Yellow River Delta
    Wu Zhi-fen, Zhao Shan-lun, Zhang Xue-lei, Sun Peng-li, Wang Li-hong
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  184-193. 
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    Based on the studies of the primary vegetation types, the interrelation between salt vegetation and soil sality in the Yellow River Delta was studied by quantitative analysis to plant, soil and water. The results showed that: type, spetial distribution, chemical composition of biomass and succession of the salt vegetation are closely related with the salt content of soil
    The Hydrological Processes and Nitrogen Dynamics in a Monsoon Evergreen Broad-Leafed Forest of Dinghu Shan
    Huang Zhong-liang, Ding Ming-mao, Zhang Zhu-ping, Yi Wei-min
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1994, 18 (2):  194-199. 
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    The hydrological processes and nitrogen dynamics of a small watershed were studied in a monsoon evergreen broad-leafed forest of Dinghu Shah Biosphere Reserve. The results showed that the hydrology of this forest had distinct characteristics. The nitrogen input by rainfall was 35.57kg·ha-1 and the output in surface runoff was 9.25kg·ha-1 in a year. 4.72kg·ha-1·yr-1 of nitrogen was leached out from the canopy by rain. The nitrogen concentrations in stemflow of different species were different. The regression equations of nitrogen contents in each component of the hydrological cycle and the monthly rainfall were set up.

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