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The Ecological Environment Analysis of Rice Planting in Middle and Lower Part of Mesopotamian Plain of Iraq

Xia Rongji   

  • Online:1983-01-10 Published:1983-01-10
  • Contact: Xu Youyuan

Abstract: The Mesopotamian Plain is the most important agricultural district of Iraq. Due to the arid-semi desert climate heavy texture silty-clay soils are dominant, the soils mainly contain sodium chloride and sodium, sulfate, magnesium and calcium.During the growth period of rice, the fields are usually covered with a layer of water which provides a better micro-climate condition in favor of the plant growth. Through the regulation action of evaporation, transpiration and frequent irrigation, the rice plant may pass its flowering stage more safely during the hot and dry season.After frequent irrigation, the salt content of soil is equilibrated at 0.15–0.30%. A 3-day drainage may solve the problem of contradiction of water to air supply, and keeps the salt content below the harm level also.The harm levels of salt content (mainly Cl-) to rice are 0.2–0.3%(0–5cm layer of soil) and 0.3–0.4% (5–20cm) during budding and rooting stage, and 0.5% (0–20cm) during three leaf stage.There is little change in soil pH during the growing period of rice.

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