Chin J Plan Ecolo ›› 1986, Vol. 10 ›› Issue (1): 59-67.

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On Some Problems of Crop Productivity and Water Consumption Characteristics of Winter Wheat Growth under Dryland Condition

Chen Pei-yuan, Li Ying, Jiang Yong-luo, Fu Zuo   

  • Online:1986-01-10 Published:1986-01-10
  • Contact: Wang Zheng-fei

Abstract: In field trials in 1981–1982,33 experimental sites were established in Pucheng County Shaanxi, for studying water consumption (WS) of winter wheat under dryland condition. About 303–476mm of water were consummed by wheat in its whole life at different sites, which yielded grain range from 45 to 333 kg per mu respectively, with its water use efficiency (WUE)varying from 0.38 to 1.15. The correlations between the grain yield and the WS or the WUE were close, and all of those were positively correlated with the shoot growth rate of wheat in the seedling stage before regrowth in the following early spring. It was concluded that under non-irrigation condition, wheat growth and yield were dependent markedly on the available water preserved in the soil of its root distributed layer from the rainy season. To raise the crop productivity of dryland wheat, a system that can promote wheat root to strike downward to deeper into the soil and raise its drought resistance power and grain yield in different water conditions is recommended.

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