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The Developments of the Aeluropus littoralis var. Sinensis Community During its Growing Season in the Northern Part of Shandong Province

Lu Kai-hong   

  • Online:1987-03-10 Published:1987-03-10
  • Contact: Ye Ju-xin Hong Rui-chuan Nie Yi-ru Liu Wen-yan


Aeluropus littoralis var. sinensis community is a main vegetation type of coastal salt meadows in Shandong Province. The growing season is from about March 20 to around December 10. During this period we took a se Dur of samples for examination every 15 days. The measurements included: mean temperature of air and soil, precipitation, evaporation, capacity, air relative humidity, water and salt content of soil; height, coverage and biomass. The relationships between environmental factors and community characters had been analysed. The change of temperature not only delimits the beginning and the end of the growing season, but also has a close relationship with the various developments of this community—especially biomass.According to the changes of biomass, the whole growing season can be divided into two periods. The days before September are the increasing period; the days after September are the decreasing period.On this basis, the relationships between biomass (y), air temperature (x) and time (t) have been discussed separately in the increasing period and the decreasing period. They are: during the increasing period:




and during the decreasing period:

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