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On the Vegetation Regionalisation of Jiangsu Province

Liu Fang-xun, Huang Zhi-yuan   

  • Online:1987-03-10 Published:1987-03-10
  • Contact: Li Xiang-wang

Abstract: Jiangsu Province on the coast of south-eastern China stretches across the warm-temperate, northern subtropic and midsubtropic bioclimatic belts.Within the province, there are five zonal types of vegetation, namely the warm-temperate deciduous broad-leaf forest, the northern subtropic deciduous and evergreen broad-leaf mixed forest, the midsubtropic evergreen broad-leaf forest, the warm-temperate coniferous forest and the subtropic coniferous forest. The basic factors are the zonal forest vegetation, because Jiangsu Province lies in the forest zone of China.The regionalisation of Jiangsu Province may be divided into an hierarchy of only three categories: the vegetation region, zone and province, for the land area of the province is not extensive and the nature vegetation area is therefore also quite limited. A typological system of vegetation regionalisation of the province has been made, which consists of 2 vegetation regions, 3 vegetation zones and 10 vegetation provinces. Each of the vegetation zones and provinces has been briefly described.

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