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A Study on the Root System of Artificial Chinese-fir Stands on the Repeated Plantation Woodland in Fujian

Zhang Qi-shui, Yu Xin-tuo   

  • Online:1991-04-10 Published:1991-04-10
  • Contact: Li Jun-qing

Abstract: The root system of the Chinese-fir stands on the repeated plantation woodland in Sanmin, Fujian was studied. The results showed that: the biomass, the constituent, the morphology, and the distribution of the root system of the Chinese-fir stands in replanting woodland vary significantly with the number of successive cultivation, The root biomass per tree in the first cultivation is 24.93% higher than that in the second, and 41.69% higher than that in the third. The sum of the root biomass of all stands in the first cultivation is 31.93% higher than that in the second, 55.52% higher than that in the third cultivation. The constituent, the morphology and distribution of root system in the first cultivation were more advantageous for the trees to enlarge their nutrient-absorption space and growth.

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