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Responses of Tree Legumes to Rhizobial Reinoculation

Wang Zuo-ming, Yi Wei-ming, Yu Zuo-yue, Ding Ming-mao   

  • Online:1996-04-10 Published:1996-04-10
  • Contact: Zhou Jin

Abstract: The responses of eight species of tree legumes to rhizobial reinoculation were reported in this paper. The reinoculation seedlings (RISs) had many nodules while the unreinoculated seedlings (controls) had none or few. The height, dry weight and total nitrogen of RISs were 0.7~3.2, 1.3~15.8 and 1.3~14.8 times higher than those of the controls, respectively. More than half of the nitrogen required for seedlings growing came from nitrogen fixation by nodules, most of the fixed nitrogen were transported and stored in aboveground than in underground plant parts. A significant correlation existed between the fixed nitrogen and the biomass of seedlings. Nitrogen fixation promoted the uptake and accumulation of phosphorus and potassium by RISs. Of the eight species, both Albizia falcata and Erythrophloeum fordii performed well with their own rhizobial symbiont and exhibited high N2-fixing potentials.

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