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Effects of Cutting Frequency on the Experimental Population of Common Wild Rice Oryza rufipogon

Zhou Jin, Chen Jia-kuan   

  • Online:1996-04-10 Published:1996-04-10
  • Contact: Han Su-mei

Abstract: The effects of cutting frequency on the growth and reproduction of common wold rice (Oryza rufipogon), an endangered species, were studied with an experimental population cultivated in Wuhan (114˚18′E, 30˚32′N). Cutting above-ground part inhibited obviously shoot density, height, above-ground biomass, biomass per shoot and percentage of sexual reproduction while it promoted to some extent the accumulated shoot height and the percentage of photosynthesis system. The more frequently the cutting was made, the stronger the effects were. The Promotion, however, was promised at the expense of material and energy from the below-ground stems and roots. An excessive cutting would reduce not only the sexual reproduction but also the growth to such a large extent that the population could be no longer existence. This indicates that over-frequent destroying the above-ground part of common wold rice might be one of the most important reasons for local extinction of some populations of the species.

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