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A Study of Chemical Contents in a Mixed Shrubland Near Baihuashan Mountain in Beijing

Huang Jian-hui Chen Ling-zhi   

  • Online:1991-03-10 Published:1991-03-10
  • Contact: Zheng Wen-jiao

Abstract: Spiraea dasyantha, Myripnois dioica, Vitex negundo var, heterophylla are the three co-dominant spieces in a mixed shrubland in the region of Baihuashan Mountain. According to the chemicae content analysis of the plants (leaf, stem, branch, lateral root, taperoot) and soil in this study, it was found that different plants and different organs have very different contents of all chmical elements and content variation in different seasons. Ca and N have the highest accumulation among the ten elemtnts analysised in this shrub community. In the herb layer, the first six elements of accumulation are in the order of Ca>N>Al>Fe>K>Mg and Ca>N>Al>Fe>Mg>K in the litter layer, Ca>N>K>Mg>Fe>Al in the shrub layer. Ca was found to have highest content in soil nutrient pool and N is the second one also. The other eight elements are in the order of Na>Mg>K>Mn>Al>Fe>Zn>Cu. Thus the chemical content of plant and soil are related. The accumulation index, the ratio of accumualtion of nutrient elemtnts in plants to that in soil, can reflect the relationship. K, Fe and Al have the highest accumulation coefficient and Na has the lowest one.

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