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Preliminary Studies of Pinus henryi Forests in Daba Mountain

Fang Zheng, Ma Peng, Liu Jing-yan   

  • Online:1991-03-10 Published:1991-03-10
  • Contact: Liu Jian-jun


Pinus henryi forest is mainly distributed over Daba Mountain region. By studying the distribution, ecotope conditions, floristic composition, structure and physiognomy and the dynamics of Pinus henryi forest growing well on Lipin area to the north of Micang Mountain ridge (32˚40′—32˚50′N, 106˚30′—106˚45′ E)in the southeastern part of Nanzheng County of Shaanxi Province, we showed the following characteristics of the species:

1. The specific composition of communities of Pinus henryi is related to the ecotope conditions. Although mixed with the broadleaf species and Pinus armandi, Pinus henryi usually dominates the forest. The structure of communities is relative stable.

2. The analysis of Pinus henryi population stracture and dynamics, the self-developmental processes and the natural regeneration indicated that Pinus henryi forest is in steady development.

3. Pinus henryi is a good timbersource. Making rational use and protecting resources is worthy of paying attention.

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