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Radial growth responses to climate warming and drying in Pinus yunnanensis in Nanpan River Basin

SHEN Jia-Yan1,LI Shuai-Feng1,HUANG Xiao-Bo1,LEI Zhi-Quan2,SHI Xing-Quan2,SU Jian-Rong1,*()   

  1. 1Research Institute of Resource Insects, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Kunming 650224, China
    2State-owned Haizhai Forest Farm of Qujing, Qujing, Yunnan 655000, China
  • Received:2019-07-02 Accepted:2019-10-22 Online:2020-03-26 Published:2019-11-20
  • Contact: SU Jian-Rong
  • Supported by:
    Supported by the Yunnan Science and Technology Innovation Talent Program(2018HC013)


Aims Forests in Nanpan River Basin are under severe effects by drought because of the warming and drying climate. As the typical dominant coniferous forests in this region, Pinus yunnanensis forests occur over a broad range and present a good potential for dendroclimatological studies. However, little is known about the relationship between radial growth and climate in this tree species. Our objectives were to determine the constraining factors of radial growth and examine the stability of growth-climate relationships in P. yunnanensis in response to climate warming and drying.Methods We used standardized dendrochronological method, combined with trend analysis of meteorological data from 1952 to 2016, to study the effects of climate variabilities on the radial growth in P. yunnanensis. We extracted increment cores from 87 trees and measured annual ring-width. Response analysis and multiple regression analysis were used to determine the constraining factors of radial growth. Moving correlation was used to detect the stability of growth-climate response.Important findings The annual mean temperature (Tmp), mean maximum temperature (Tmx), and mean minimum temperature (Tmn) in the research region have increased at a rate of 0.044, 0.041 and 0.050 °C·a -1, respectively. The annual total precipitation showed a significant decreasing trend at a rate of 6.02 mm·a -1 during 1985-2016. The growth of P. yunnanensis trees was less sensitive to temperature but more sensitive to moisture; prior to and after warming and drying period, the explainable variance of radial growth by temperature decreased from 44.95% to 21.97%, and that by moisture-related factors increased from 55.05% to 78.03%. Warming and drying climate enhanced the influence of climatic factors on radial growth of the current year and weakened the influence of climatic factors of the previous year, while increasing the climatic factors of the current year significantly affecting radial growth by three and explanation rate by 16.05%. The “hysteresie effect” weakened and the effects of climate change on growth became more promptly. The growth-climate relationship in P. yunnanensis could become more moisture sensitive under a warming and drying climate. Tree growth and forest productivity of P. yunnanensis in the Nanpan River Basin is likely to decline if the warming and drying climate trend continues.

Key words: Pinus yunnanensis, annual rings, climate warming and drying, climate response, stability

Fig. 1

Monthly mean temperature, monthly mean maximum temperature, monthly mean minimum temperature and precipitation in Zhanyi District Meteorological Station, Qujing,Yunnan (1952-2016). Pre, monthly precipitation; Tmn, monthly mean minimum temperature; Tmp, monthly mean temperature; Tmx, monthly mean maximum temperature."

Table 1

Statistics of tree-ring width standard chronology (STD) and common interval analysis of Pinus yunanensis in Nanpan River Basin"

统计特征 Statistic feature 标准年表 STD
样本量(树/样芯) Sample size (trees/radii) 62/95
年表时段 Chronology span 1954-2018
平均敏感度 Mean sensitivity 0.18
公共区间 Common period (year) 1968-2015
公共区间统计量 Statistics of common interval analysis
第一特征向量百分比 Variance in first eigenvector (%) 28.26
标准偏差 Standard deviation 0.39
一阶自相关系数 First order autocorrelation 0.125
信噪比 Signal-to-noise ratio 14.31
样本总体代表性 Expressed population signal 0.94
样芯间相关系数 Correlations between cores 0.254

Fig. 2

Tree ring-width index (RWI) and sample size of Pinus yunanensis in Nanpan River Basin."

Fig. 3

Long-term trends of temperature and precipitation during 1952-1984 and 1985-2016 in Nanpan River Basin research region. Tmn, monthly mean minimum temperature; Tmp, monthly mean temperature; Tmx, monthly mean maximum temperature."

Fig. 4

Palmer Drought Standard Index (PDSI) and basal area increment (BAI) over time in Nanpan River Basin research region."

Fig. 5

Relationships of ring-width chronology of Pinus yunanensis with major climatic factors in Nanpan River Basin. PDSI, Palmer Drought Standard Index; Pre, monthly precipitation; RH, average air relative humidity; Tmn, monthly mean minimum temperature; Tmp, monthly mean temperature; Tmx, monthly mean maximum temperature."

Fig. 6

Response relationships of tree ring-width chronology with monthly climatic factors during different time periods in Nanpan River Basin. Pre, monthly precipitation; PDSI, Palmer Drought Standard Index; RH, average air relative humidity; Tmn, monthly mean minimum temperature; Tmp, monthly mean temperature; Tmx, monthly mean maximum temperature."

Fig. 7

Pie chart of variance in radial growth in Pinus yunanensis explainable by different climatic factors in optimized regression model. CPDSI 11, Palmer Drought Standard Index of current November; cRH1, mean relative humidity of current January; cRH6, mean relative humidity of current June; pRH7, mean relative humidity of last July; pRH10, mean relative humidity of last October; pTmn7, mean minimum temperature of last July; pTmp7, mean temperature of last July; pTmx12, mean maximum temperature of last December."

Fig. 8

Sliding response analysis of ring width chronology in Pinus yunanensis with main climatic factors from May of the previous year to November of the current year. The window size is 25 years, and the windows have been offset by one year. A, Sliding response analysis of radial growth and monthly mean temperature (Tmp). B, Sliding response analysis of radial growth and monthly precipitation (Pre). C, Sliding response analysis of radial growth and Palmer Drought Standard Index (PDSI)."

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