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    Volume 26 Issue 5
    10 May 2002
    Research Articles
    Distribution of Soil Carbon, Nitrogen and Phosphorus Along Northeast China Transect (NECT) and Their Relationships with Climatic Factors
    WANG Shu-Ping, ZHOU Guang-Sheng, LU Yu-Cai, ZOU Jian-Jun
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  513-517. 
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    The carbon cycle is central to the global ecosystem, being inextricably coupled with climate, the water cycle, nutrient cycles, and the production of biomass by photosynthesis on land and in the oceans. It is very helpful for understanding the environment
    Element Distribution and its Relationship with Soil Fertility in Different Succession Stages of a Mangrove Community in Yingluo Bay, Guangxi
    HE Bin, WEN Yuan-Guang, LIANG Hong-Wen, LI Zhi-Xian, LIU Shi-Rong
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  518-524. 
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    The Yingluo Bay is located in Hepu county, Guangxi, China, and has an area of mangrove approximately 80 hm2 in size. These mangrove communities belong to the estuarine mangrove vegetation type. These communities show distributional zones in the different
    Effect of Phenolics on 15N Nutrient Absorption and Distribution of Cunninghamia lanceolata
    CHEN Long-Chi, LIAO Li-Ping, WANG Si-Long, HUANG Zhi-Qun, GAO Hong
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  525-532. 
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    Pure Chinese fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata) plantations, a major commercial tree species in South China, have been extensively replanted on the same site in successive rotations, in response to the growing need for timber. The resultant soil degradation ha

    Research on Lead Uptake and Tolerance in Six Plants
    LIU Xiu-Mei, NIE Jun-Hua, WANG Qing-Ren
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  533-537. 
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    To identify plants hypertolerant to heavy metal lead (Pb), the content and distribution of lead, total heavy metal translocation of lead, and the index of root tolerance of six dominant species established in the vicinity of a Pb/Zn mine tailings pond wer
    N2O Emission Rate from Trees
    ZHANG Xiu-Jun, XU Hui, CHEN Guan-Xiong
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  538-542. 
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    The sources and sinks of N2O, one of the major greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, are still unclear at present, and it is therefore needed to further investigate potential and known sources and sinks of atmospheric N2O. It was previously thought that b
    Primary Study on Carbon Cycling in Warm Temperate Deciduous Broad - leaved Forest
    SANG Wei-Guo, MA Ke-Ping, CHEN Ling-Zhi
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  543-548. 
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    Carbon is the main element of biological material, especially of plant matter. The carbon content accounts for half of the total dry biomass, so the biosphere is a big carbon pool and the carbon content of terrestrial ecosystems has significant effects on carbon biogeochemical cycling. When the carbon content of the biosphere decreases, most of the carbon is released to the atmosphere and causes the concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere to increase greatly. CO2 is a green house gas; increased atmospheric concentrations will cause increased warming of the climate. In recent years, with increasing usage of fossil fuel and the destruction of natural ecosystems, the increasing release of CO2 from those processes caused the temperature of the earth’s surface to rise and then gradually level at a higher standard. The carbon cycling in forest ecosystems is closely related to CO2 concentration in atmosphere, has an obvious effect on composition of atmospheric elements, and so can influence global climate change. This study focused on the carbon distribution among each component of a typical temperate forest ecosystem of the Beijing area, China. The forest belongs to the warm temperate zone, with a continental monsoon climate which shows clear seasonal periods, dry and cold in winter, warm and humid in summer. The mean annual temperature averages 4.8℃, -10.1 ℃ in January and 18.3 ℃ in July. The annual precipitation amounts to 611.9 mm, 78 percent occurring in June, July and August. The soil is dominated by mountain brown earth. At the research site, the forest is dominated by Quercus liaotungensis, and also includes Betula dahurica, Acer mono, Populus davidiana, Betula platyphylla, Fraxinus rhynchophylla and other related species.We attempt to set up a numerical estimation of forest carbon cycling that will provide parameters of a future computer model. The carbon cycle includes many processes of a forest ecosystem, and so it is difficult to accurately estimate the amount of forest ecosystem carbon. A numerical model of the carbon cycle in this forest ecosystem was established based on studies of this warm temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest ecosystem over 10 years. The data we used in this paper are forest biomass, productivity, biogeochemical cycle, and related published results. We processed, analyzed, integrated, and transformed all the data. Finally we used a comparative method to get more insight on the carbon cycle among different forest ecosystems.Our results showed that a typical forest ecosystem in warm temperate region absorbed 10.3 t·hm-2·a-1 carbon from the atmosphere through photosynthesis. Carbon released to the atmosphere from plant respiration was 5.5 t·hm-2·a-1, with 4.8 t·hm-2·a-1 accumulated in dry plant biomass, and 2.46 t·hm-2·a-1 emitted to the atmosphere by decomposing plant litter. Most carbon assimilated by forests was respired and decomposed to the atmosphere, with little retention in living or dead biomass. Investigation on C storage of warm temperate forests found that carbon-standing amount was 165.05 t·hm-2, with 61.2 t·hm-2 in living biomass, 104.05 t·hm-2 in dead biomass (including soil carbon), and 96 t·hm-2 stored in the soil. The soil C storage in the forest studied accounted for 58% of total forest carbon, and therefore we concluded that carbon in the forest soil is the main storage pool of the forest. C storage change in the forest soil will definitely affect C change of forests in the entire region greatly.
    Applications of Stable Carbon Isotope Techniques to Ecological Research
    CHEN Shi-Ping, BAI Yong-Fei, HAN Xing-Guo
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  549-560. 
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    Photosynthesis is responsible for one of the most significant carbon isotopic fractionations in nature and thus forms the basis for applying stable carbon isotopes to ecological research. Although stable isotope techniques were used originally for disting
    Edge Detection Between Boreal Forest and Temperate Forest in China
    JIN Sen, ZHOU Xiao-Feng, GUO Qing-Xi
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  561-567. 
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    Edge between boreal forest and temperate forest in China was detected by a two-dimensional edge detection algorithm proposed by Fortin in 1994 with information of multi-species in the region from the grid data of 1995 national forest inventory and takin
    Modeling the Large - Scale Distribution of Plant Diversity:a Possibility Inferred from Climate and Productivity(in English)
    NI Jian, DING Sheng-Yan
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  568-574. 
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    As vegetation/biomes in the world has been well simulated in current climate and predicted in future climatic scenarios, it is urgently needed and necessary to simulate the large-scale (regional, continental to global) distribution of plant diversity. The
    Plant Diversity Distribution of Mountains in Rural Landscapes£othe Combined Influences of Topography and Land Use
    MA Ke-Ming, ZHANG Jie-Yu, GUO Xu-Dong, FU Bo-Jie
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  575-588. 
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    Mountains in rural landscapes are habitat islands surrounded by large areas of farmland. These are the important sites in regional biological conservation. However, area, age and isolation of the habitat islands are not the dominant factors of their plant
    Relationship Between Productivity and Plant Species Diversity of Grassland Communities in Songnen Plain of Northeast China
    YANG Li-Min, ZHOU Guang-Sheng, LI Jian-Dong
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  589-593. 
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    The interaction of species diversity with ecosystem function is one of the core problems of biodiversity research, while productivity is the important modality of ecosystem function. The species diversity of natural communities is often strongly related t
    The Len Effect of the Epidermic Cell Layer of the Leaf of Euonymus japonicus T. on the Light Gradients Within Leaf
    FAN Da-Yong, WANG Qiang, LI Ming, ZHANG Gang-Ming, GAO Rong-Fu
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  594-598. 
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    Effect of Air Pollution on the Chlorophyll Fluorescence Characters of Two Afforestation Plants in Guangzhou
    SU Xing, HU Di-Qin, LIN Zhi-Fang, LIN Gui-Zhu, KONG Guo-Hui, PENG Chang-Lian
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  599-604. 
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    A Study of the Gas Exchange Characteristics of Four Desert Plants
    DENG Xiong, LI Xiao-Ming, ZHANG Xi-Ming, YE Wan-Hui
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  605-612. 
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    Populus euphratic, Calligonum caput-medusae, Alhagi sparsifolia and Tamarix ramosissima, are four very important species of desert plants in the frangible desert-oasis ecosystem in the southern margin of the Taklimakan Desert. They are used for preventing

    Differences in Water Ecology of a Young Pinus koraiensis Stand Grown in Edge-Effect Belts and Reserved belts
    ZU Yuan-Gang, WANG Wen-Jie, WANG Hui-Mei
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  613-620. 
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    A 14-year-old Korean pine (Pinus koraiensis) forest (as of 1998), afforested after clear-cutting of 4 m-, 6 m-and 8 m-width edge-effect belts in an oak (Quercus mongolica) secondary forest in 1986 (with a 10 m-width undisturbed belt close to each edge-eff
    Effects of Endophyte Infection on the Growth of Lolium perenne L.Under drought Stress
    LIANG Yu, CHEN Shi-Ping, GAO Yu-Bao, REN An-Zhi
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  621-626. 
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    Endophytes are fungi that form inapparent infection within leaves and stems of healthy plants. Endophytes or endophytic fungi exist widely in the higher plants and are generally considered as mutual symbiotes to the host plants. The present study examined
    Recent Progress on the Research of Vegetation Protection in Soil Erosion By Wind
    HUANG Fu-Xiang, WANG Ming-Xing, WANG Yue-Si
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  627-633. 
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    The protective role of vegetation in soil erosion by wind has been recognized by agriculturalists for some time. In practice, trees, shrubs and post-harvest residues have been widely used to stabilize sand against transport by wind erosion. However, littl
    Water Content AbA and Sprout Character After Transplanting Seedling Soil Under Drought
    SUN Qun, LIANG Zong-Suo, YANG Jian-Wei, HAN Rui-Lian
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 2002, 26 (5):  634-638. 
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    Relationships among water status, endogenous Abscisic acid (ABA) and sprout rate of 4 species of transplanting seedlings, locust (Robinia pseudoacacia L.), Chinese seabuckthorn (Hippophae rhamnoides L.), Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis), poplar (Populus simonii) were analyzed. The main results are: water deficit made water content, sprout rate, sprout growth rate, and survival rate decrease notably. ABA in bud and phloem of species was increased by soil drought and there were interrelated notable negative relationships between ABA and water content, sprout rate and survival rate. ABA in bud and phloem of seabuckthorn and Chinese pine was 5-10 times higher than in locust and poplar. Statistical analysis revealed interrelated significant relationships between sprout rate, survival rate and phloem water content.

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