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Methods and techniques
Techniques and Methods
Original article
Special feature: Ecosystem carbon and water fluxes in ecological vulnerable areas of China
Hou Xueyu Review
Research Articles
Brief Report
Special feature: Stress Ecology
Message from the Editor-in-Chief
Special feature: Stable isotope ecology
Special feature: Root Ecology
Research Communications
Special feature: Ecological Stoichiometry
Special feature: The destruction to forest ecosystems by the extremely heavy glaze and snow storms occurred in early 2008 in southern China
Method and Technology
Data Paper
Orginal Article
Special Issue
Research Report
Original Papers
Book Review
Research Bulletins
Marine Biodiversity Special Feature
Software introduction
Full Text
Biodiversity Informatics
Marine Biodiversity
Bioinventory: Forest Dynamics Plot
Original Papers: Plant Diversity
Original Papers: Animal Diversity
Original Papers: Microbial Diversity
Original Papers: Ecosystem Diversity
Original Papers: Community Structure and Patterns of Tropical and Subtropical Forest in China
Bioinventories: On Species Catalogue of China
Animal Diversity
Special Feature: On IUCN’s Green List of Protected Areas
Protected Area
Special Feature: China Nature Watch
Special Feature: Ecological Protection Redlines
Special Feature: Advances in the Use of DNA Barcodes
Red List of China’s Vertebrates Articles
Special Feature: Chinese Biodiversity Monitoring and Research Network (Sino BON)
Original Papers: Protected Area
Special Feature: China’s National Park System Construction
Special Feature: On Implementation of the Convention on Biological Diversity
Fund Program Introduction
Special Feature: Biodiversity Monitoring
Special Feature: Shennongjia World Natural Heritage Site
Special Feature: Biological Invasion
Special Feature: Forest Dynamics Monitoring
Plant Diversity
Special Feature: Species Concept
On the Mandate of Botanical Gardens

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