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    Volume 8 Issue 1
    10 January 1984
    Research Articles
    Proper Treatment for the Ecological Relationship of Certain Agricultural Problems in Hainan Island to Develop its Natural Superiority
    Hou Xueyu
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  1-14. 
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    From the ecological point view one must understand the complex environments of the Island, the different environmental requirements of different plants, and not absolute but ecosystematic viewpoint. In order to raise economical efficiency, one has to treat properly the following economical efficiency of certain agricultural problems in Hainan Island. They include exploration and protection of the biological resources, intensive culture for areal increment and reclaimation of the wastelands, development of rubber trees and other tropical crops and trees, lumbering and reforestation of the forest management, dam construction and watershed forest keeping of the hydraulic structure, concentration and separation of animal husbandry as well as catching and culture of the fishery.
    Responses of Sorghum Seedlings to Draught and Their Ability of Regulation and Adaptation
    Tang Zhangcheng, Wu Yahua, Wang Yuqi, Wang Hongchun
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  15-24. 
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    To simulate soil drought culture solutions with different osmotic potential (from-0.7 to-10.0 bars) were employed for sorghum growth and changes of fresh and dry weight, water potential, relative permeability, content of free proline and total free amino-nitrogen in sorghum seedling were determined in the present study carried out in phytotron. The study showed that the characteristics order of sensitivity of mentioned above to drought was as following: water potential, content of free proline and total free amino-nitrogen>relative permeability and fresh weight>dry weight, indicating that first of all drought induced changes of water status and some of metabolic processes in plants, finally decrease of accumulation of dry material. "No.5 Jin Za’ sorghum seedlings have certain ability of regulation and adaptation to drought expressed by that inhibition caused by gradual drought was less than that caused by shock drought, additionally along with prolongation of drought the changes of growth, physiology and metabolism showed a trend of detente and recover. The relationship between log content of free proline, log relative permibility, RGR based on fresh weight, and water potential of shoots was analysed and discussed.
    Transpiration and Conductivity Rate of Plants in He-Xi area in Relation to Internal and External Environmental Factors of Leaf
    Luo Yaohua, Zhang Pengyun
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  25-35. 
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    The transpiration and conductivity rate of five kinds of plants widely distributed in He-Xi area and the environmental factors were measured by LI-1600 Steady State Porometer. When light intensity was not lower than that required for stomata opening, the change before peak point of transpiration rate was ,lot related to increasing rate of leaf temperatrue, but it was related positively to leaf temperature. The transpiration rate increased with increasing of the leaf thickness and the surface area in palisaoe tissue per unit leaf area within species, but not between species. The ratio of transpiration rate of upper to lower leaf surface within species was related to the ratio of number of stomata on them but no relationship was noted in interspecies.
    Preliminary Study on the Competition Among Dominant Plant Populations in the Mahan Mountains Forest Zone
    Wang Xiaoan
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  36-40. 
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    In this paper, the relative dominance of Populus tremula var. davidiana, Betula platyphylla and Picea wilsonii has been regarded as the measure of the niche overlap. Their final result of competition has been discussed with Lotka-Volterra equation of competition. The results are as follows:

    1. The progressing succession of coniferous forest is a process of internal, directional and linear succession. The important power is the competition among dominant plant populations.

    2. The result of competition among dominant plant populations has no relation to the inherent growing ability (r) of every population and the first state, and has relation to the competitive coefficient (α)between populations and the accommodeaed capacity (K) of every population.

    3. The competition among dominant plant populations. may be regarded as a mathematical theory and a method studying succession of plant community.

    Comparative Study on the Vegetation Between Shandong and Liaodong Peninsulas
    Wang Renqing
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  41-51. 
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    This paper analysed and compared the vegetation types, floristic components and ecological conditions between Shandong and Liaodong peninsulas. The result shows that these two peninsulas differ greatly in vegetation and should be divided into different units of vegetation in vegetational regionalization. Three important factors, which lead to their discrepancies in vegetation, are differences of temperature from south to north, history of sea-land changes and topography.
    The Preliminarily Investigation on the Vertical distribution on the Vertical Distribution of the Forest Vegetation on Emei Mountain, Sichuan Province
    Li Xuguang
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  52-66. 
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    In this paper, the characteristics of the vertical distribution of the forest vegetation on Emei Mountain was discussed. Using the methods of quantitative classification and the analysis combining the ecological physiognomy and floristic composition, according to the altitudinal distribution of plant communities, four vertical zones of forest vegetation may be discerned:

    1. The evergreen broad-leaf forest zone below 1900m;

    2. The evergreen and deciduous broad-leaf mixed forest zone 1500—2000m;

    3. The needle-leaf and broad-leaf mixed forest zone 2000—2500m;

    4. The cold-temperate coniferous forest zone 2500—3099m.

    A Preliminary Study on the Relationship Between Density and Extinction Coefficient (k Value) in Millet Community
    Qi Qiuhui
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  67-73. 
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    In this text the layer-cutting method in crop field (M. Monsi and T. Saeki, 1953) is adopted. The produce structure of communities, the distribution of light and the variation of extinction coefficient within communities under different density condition of the millet are studied. The aim is to findout a rational density of millet and a simple method for determinating daily average extinction coefficient.

    The experiment results are shown as follows:

    1.Aerial biomass, ear weight and LAI etc. of the community of medium density are 724.5g/m2, 289.81g/m2, 2.95 respectively, they are the highest in the communities with different density. It is shown the density between 45000--50000/mu are suitable.

    2. It assumes positive correlation between density of community and extinction coefficient. The extinction coefficient increases with density. It shows negative correlation, between the extinction coefficient of communities and the average value of light intensity within communities.

    3. The tendency of diurnal variation of extinction coefficient of different millet communities is presented as a depression shape curve i. c. higher at the morning and evening, lower at noon. Through practical measure, we can see that the instantaneous k value at 9. a. m. or 3. P. m. approximates to diurnal average value of the community during the day. Thus each of them instantaneous k value may be considered as approximate value of daily average k value.

    Studies on the Vegetation of Three Islands of Pintan, Nanri and Meizhou in the Middle Coast of Fujian Province
    Lin Peng, Qiu Xizhao, Zhang Raoting
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  74-80. 
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    The First Seminar on Plant Auto-and Syn-Ecology of North-Western China Held in Lanzhou
    Luo Yaohua
    Chin J Plan Ecolo. 1984, 8 (1):  82-84. 
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