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Changes in flowering resource allocation of Saussurea dzeurensis with elevations

WANG Yi-Feng*(), JIN Jie, HOU Hong-Hong, ZHAO Bo, CAO Jia-Hao, LI Xiao-Jiao   

  1. College of Life Science, Northwest Normal University, Lanzhou 730070, China
  • Received:2014-12-05 Accepted:2015-05-20 Online:2015-09-23 Published:2015-09-03
  • Contact: Yi-Feng WANG
  • About author:

    # Co-first authors

Abstract: <i>Aims</i>

Our objective is to study the effect of elevation on the reproductive allocation and sexual allocation of Saussurea dzeurensis during the flowering season.


We used the field investigation method and dry mass method to evaluate morphological characteristics of S. dzeurensis at different elevations.

<i>Important findings</i>

Elevation had a significant impact on the biomass and resource allocation of S. dzeurensis; reproductive allocation and male allocation were positively correlated with elevation, but vegetative allocation and female allocation were negatively correlated with elevation; there was a trade-off of resource allocation between capitulum number and mass, between reproductive allocation and vegetative allocation, and between male allocation and female allocation; When resources were limiting, the resource input of every structure of S. dzeurensis was balanced by increasing reproductive allocation and sexual allocation so that the plant can adapt to the stressful environment and have high rate of reproductive success.

Key words: elevation, reproductive allocation, Saussurea dzeurensis, sexual allocation, trade-off

Table 1

Source of plant material"

Collection date (year-month-day)
Collection site
Elevation (m)
Longitude and latitude
1 2013-8-21 夏河至合作途中
On the way from Xiahe to Hezuo
2 750 102.61° E, 36.45° N 山坡灌丛
Hillside shrub
2 2013-8-21 夏河至合作途中
On the way from Xiahe to Hezuo
2 750 102.60° E, 36.45° N 山坡灌丛
Hillside shrub
3 2013-8-22 合作扎油沟
Zhayou furrow in Hezuo
2 900 102.90° E, 36.87° N 灌丛
4 2013-8-22 合作扎油沟
Zhayou furrow in Hezuo
2 900 102.81° E, 36.93° N 山坡草地
Hillside meadow
5 2013-8-22 合作当周沟
Dangzhou furrow in Hezuo
3 050 103.42° E, 34.32° N 山坡灌丛
Hillside shrub
6 2013-8-22 合作当周沟
Dangzhou furrow in Hezuo
3 050 103.41° E, 34.32° N 山坡灌丛
Hillside shrub
7 2013-8-23 卓尼大峪沟
Dayu furrow in Jonê
3 200 102.89° E, 35.95° N 山坡草地
Hillside meadow
8 2013-8-23 卓尼大峪沟
Dayu furrow in Jonê
3 200 102.86° E, 35.84° N 灌丛
9 2013-8-23 碌曲至玛曲途中
On the way from Luqu to Maqu
3 300 103.35° E, 34.57° N 山坡草地
Hillside meadow
10 2013-8-23 碌曲至玛曲途中
On the way from Luqu to Maqu
3 300 103.30° E, 34.52° N 山坡草地
Hillside meadow
11 2013-8-24 玛曲拱坝四队
Gongbai Fourst Team in Maqu
3 500 103.31° E, 34.52° N 灌丛
12 2013-8-24 玛曲拱坝四队
Gongbai Fourst Team in Maqu
3 500 103.32° E, 34.53° N 灌丛
13 2013-8-24 玛曲金矿附近
Close by gold ore in Maqu
3 600 103.48° E, 34.47° N 草地
14 2013-8-24 玛曲金矿附近
Close by gold ore in Maqu
3 600 103.45° E, 34.49° N 草地
15 2013-8-24 玛曲阿万仓大山
Awancang Mountain in Maqu
3 700 102.40° E, 34.48° N 山坡草地
Hillside meadow
16 2013-8-24 玛曲阿万仓大山
Awancang Mountain in Maqu
3 700 102.41° E, 34.50° N 山坡草地
Hillside meadow

Fig. 1

Liner regression relationship between individual size and elevation."

Fig. 2

Liner regression relationship between capitulum number, capitulum mass and elevation."

Fig. 3

Liner regression relationship between reproductive organ biomass, vegetative organ biomass and elevation."

Fig. 4

Liner regression relationship between pistil, stamen, petal mass and elevation."

Fig. 5

Liner regression relationship between reproductive allocation, vegetative allocation and elevation."

Fig. 6

Liner regression relationship between male allocation, female allocation and elevation."

Fig. 7

Liner regression relationship between capitulum number and capitulum mass."

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