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Effects of soil-burial depths on the relationship between seed mass and seed emergence at the species level
WANG ZuXing Wei-Ming HE
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0154
Accepted: 12 December 2019

Progress in the Effects of Elevated Ground-Level Ozone on Terrestrial Ecosystem
Zhao-Zhong FENG Xiangyang Yuan Li Pin Bo Shang Qin Ping Tingjian Hu Shuo Liu
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0144
Accepted: 12 December 2019

Litter decomposition and its influencing mechanisms
Bing-Rui JIA
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0097
Accepted: 12 December 2019

Improvement of continuous microbial environment in peanut rhizosphere soil by Funneliformis mosseae
Li Cui Feng GUO Jialei Zhang Sha YANG Jian-Guo WANG Jing-Jing MENG Yun Geng Xin-Guo LI Shu-Bo WAN
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0036
Accepted: 12 December 2019

Effect of cross section microstructure on tensile properties of Indigofera amblyantha
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0112
Accepted: 30 November 2019

Techniques and methods for field warming manipulation experiments in terrestrial ecosystems
Ying Chen
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0179
Accepted: 30 November 2019

Effects of grazing and simulated warming on plant community structure and productivity of alpine grassland in the Northern Tibet
Qing-Zhu GAO Yu LI 玉龙 闫 国铮 胡 Xuexia Wang 俊 严 世丞 何
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2018.0288
Accepted: 30 November 2019

The responses of leaves anatomical traits of eleven tree species to the soil conditions in coastal saline-alkali stand sites of Shandong Province
Xu chen Hongkai Liu Chun Zhou Qiang Wang
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0131
Accepted: 30 November 2019

Effects of climate variation on the first leaf dates of 39 woody plants and their thermal requirements in Xi'an
Huan-Jiong WANG Zexing Tao Quan-Sheng GE
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0178
Accepted: 30 November 2019

Relative changes of resource use efficiencies and their responses to environmental factors in Artemisia ordosica during growing season
Xin-Hao LI 慧娟 闫 腾宙 卫 文君 周 Xin JIA Zha tianshan
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0214
Accepted: 30 November 2019

Effects of different calcium concentrations on growth and physiology of Paspalum wettsteinii seedlings
Xin ZHAO Wen-juan WANG Pu-chang WANG Li-juan HUANG Li-li ZHAO
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0235
Accepted: 30 November 2019

Biomarkers and their applications in ecosystem research
Xiao-Juan FENG YiYun Wang Ting Liu Juan JIA Guo-Hua DAI Tian MA Zong-Guang LIU
Chin J Plant Ecol    DOI: 10.17521/cjpe.2019.0139
Accepted: 21 October 2019

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