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Species richness patterns and conservation assessments of plant resources of Rosaceae in China
Dong-Ting ZOU Qing-Gang WANG LUO Ao Zhi-Heng WANG
Chin J Plan Ecolo    doi: 10.17521/cjpe.2018.0091
Accepted: 01 June 2018

Decomposition of different root branch orders and its dominate controls in four temperate trees
Wei-Ping GU Liu Ruipeng Tao Sun Peng ZAN Lu-Ning WEN Peng-Yu MA
Chin J Plan Ecolo   
The effects of exotic-native relatedness on naturalization and invasion of exotic plant species
Shanshan Zheng Xubo Chen Weinan Xu Zheng-Rong Luo Gengshou Xia
Chin J Plan Ecolo   
Effects of desertification on the C:N:P stoichiometry of soil-microbial-extracellular enzyme in desert grassland
Xiuzhi XiuWU Xin Yan Bo Wang Rentao RenLiu Hui An
Chin J Plan Ecolo   
Construction and application of model of CO2-response of electron transport rate in C4 species
Zi-Piao YE Shi-Hua Duan Ting An Hua-Jing KANG
Chin J Plan Ecolo   
Phosphorus distribution of Chinese fir seedlings in under different levels of P supply based on 32P tracer
Si-Tong CHEN zou xianhua Yi-Bing CAI Dan Wei Tao Li Peng-Fei WU
Chin J Plan Ecolo   
Effects of plant invasion on soil nitrogen transformation and associated soil microbes
Bao-Ming Chen Hui-Jie Wei Wei-Bin Chen Zheng-Cai Zhu Ya-Ru Yuan Yong-Long Zhang Zhi-Gang Lan
Chin J Plan Ecolo   
Problem and perspective in research on root exudate and its ecological consequences in forests
Hua-Jun YIN Ziliang Zhang Qing LIU
Chin J Plan Ecolo   
Hao Xu Chaocheng Hu Shiqi Xu Xinchao Sun
Chin J Plan Ecolo   

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