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Effects of simulated nitrogen deposition on growth and photosynthetic characteristics of Quercus wutaishanica and Acer pictum subsp. mono in a warm-temperate deciduous broad- leaved forest

LIU Xiao-Ming1,2,YANG Xiao-Fang1,2,WANG Xuan1,2,ZHANG Shou-Ren1,*()   

  1. 1 State Key Laboratory of Vegetation and Environmental Change, Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100093, China
    2 University of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing 100049, China
  • Received:2018-11-30 Revised:2019-02-22 Online:2019-04-23 Published:2019-03-20
  • Contact: ZHANG Shou-Ren
  • Supported by:
    Supported by the National Key R&D Program of China(2016YFA0600802);The Science and Technology Project of Beijing(Z171100004417019)


Aims Warm-temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest plays an important role in maintaining regional ecosystem function and balance. To explore the growth and eco-physiological response to nitrogen (N) addition will deepen our understanding of its dynamic development under the scenario of global N deposition.

Methods A simulated N deposition experiment was established with four N addition plots (100 kg·hm -2·a -1) and four control plots in a deciduous broad-leaved forest in Dongling Mountain, Beijing. The responses of branch growth, photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence and seed mass of dominant species Quercus wutaishanica and associate species Acer pictum subsp. mono to N addition were investigated.

Important findings Net photosynthetic rate, transpiration rate, and chlorophyll content were enhanced by the N addition. Furthermore, the N addition also enlarged the electron transport pool in photosystem II reaction center and increased the turnover number of the primary quinone acceptor (QA) reduction expressed by fast chlorophyll fluorescence method of JIP test in both species. The N addition also increased the length and biomass of the current year branches of the two tree species and improved the seed quality of Q. wutaishanica to a certain extent. In general, we observed more pronounced responses of photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency, and branch biomass formation to N addition in Q. wutaishanica compared with A. pictum subsp. mono. Our results suggested that the dominant position of Q. wutaishanica should be further highlighted under increased N deposition scenario in the warm-temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest in Dongling Mountain.

Key words: nitrogen deposition, warm-temperate deciduous broad-leaved forest, photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence, growth


性状 Trait 氮 N 树种 Species 氮 × 树种 N × Species
净光合速率 Net photosynthetic rate (Pn) *** *** ***
气孔导度 Stomatal conductance (Gs) *** *** ***
蒸腾速率 Transpiration rate (Tr) *** *** ***
水分利用效率 Water use Efficiency (WUE) ns ns ns
叶绿素含量 Chlorophyll contents (Chl) *** *** ns
光系统II最大光化学效率 Maximal PSII efficiency (PHI(Po)) ns ns ns
光系统II电子传递链电子受体库大小 PSII size of QA pool (Sm) *** ns ns
初级醌受体被还原周转次数 PSII QA reduced turn over number (N) *** ** ns
光合氮利用效率 Photosynthetic nitrogen use efficiency (PNUE) ns ns **
当年生枝长度 Length of current year branch *** * ns
当年生枝生物量 Biomass of current year branch * *** ns
辽东栎种子质量 Quercus wutaishanica seed mass ns - -

Fig. 1

Seasonal changes of net photosynthetic rate (Pn), stomatal conductance (Gs), transpiration rate (Tr), and water use efficiency (WUE) of Quercus wutaishanica (A-D) and Acer pictum subsp. mono (E-H) in Dongling Mountain in response to nitrogen treatment (mean ± SD). ***, p < 0.001; **, p < 0.01; *, p < 0.05; ns, p > 0.05."

Fig. 2

Seasonal changes of chlorophyll content (Chl) of Quercus wutaishanica (A) and Acer pictum subsp. mono (B) in response to nitrogen treatment (mean ± SD). **, p < 0.01; *, p < 0.05; ns, p > 0.05."

Fig. 3

Seasonal changes of maximal PSII efficiency (PHI(Po)), size of QA pool (Sm) and the QA reduced turnover number (N) of Quercus wutaishanica (A-C) and Acer pictum subsp. mono (D-F) in response to nitrogen treatment (mean ± SD). **, p < 0.01; *, p < 0.05; ns, p > 0.05. Data measured in July were missed due to instrument disorder."

Fig. 4

Effects of nitrogen addition, tree species and their interaction on photosynthetic nitrogen efficiency (PNUE)(A), length (B) and biomass (C) of the current-year branch of the two tree species, and effect of nitrogen addition on single seed mass (D) of Quercus wutaishanica (mean ± SD). Different lowercase letters indicate significant difference (p < 0.05)."

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