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A review of plant spectral reflectance response to water physiological changes

LIU Chang, SUN Peng-Sen*, LIU Shi-Rong   

  1. Institute of Forest Ecology, Environment and Protection, Chinese Academy of Forestry, Key Laboratory of Forest Ecology and Environment, State Forestry Administration, Beijing 100091, China
  • Online:2016-01-28 Published:2016-01-31
  • Contact: Peng-Sen SUN
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    # Co-first authors


Spectral reflectance is a new, real time and non-destructive hyperspectral remote sensing application to monitor plant water status and physiological changes. The spectral reflectance responses induced by water stress reflect the interaction and coupling of carbon, nitrogen and water cycles. A majority of previous studies focused on a specific structural or physiological effect on spectral reflectance with little attention on their interactions. This paper reviewed and synthesized the direct and indirect spectral responses caused by changes in plant water content, pigments, nutrient status, photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence indices and their internal association. This paper also discussed the common approaches and the new techniques in applying spectral reflectance for detecting water status and physiological activities in plants. This paper concluded that analysis of the spectral reflectance at multiple temporal or spatial scales might have a potential application in projecting vegetation productivities, particularly in the context of climate change.

Key words: plant spectral reflectance, water stress, water physiology, pigment, nutrient element, photosynthesis, chlorophyll fluorescence

Table 1

Spectral parameters and their definitions related to physiological indices of plant"

Spectral parameter
水分相关 Related to water 水分指数
Water index
WI R970/R900 Peñuelas et al., 1997b
WI/NDVI (R970/R900)/[(R900 - R680)/(R900 + R680)] Peñuelas & Inoue, 1999
Canopy structure index
CSI 2sSR - sSR2 + sWI2 Sims & Gamon, 2003
where: sSR = (R800/R680 - 1)/ (R800/R680 - 1)max
sWI = (R900/R1180 - 1)/ (R900/R1180 - 1)max
Normalized difference water index
NDWI (R860 - R1240)/(R860 + R1240) Gao, 1996
(R610/R560)/[(R810 - R610)/(R810 + R610)] Tian et al., 2004
Related to
Normalized difference vegetation index
NDVI (R800 - R680)/(R800 + R680) Rouse et al., 1974
Green normalized difference vegetation index
Green NDVI (R750 - R550)/(R750 + R550) Gitelson & Merzlyak, 1994
Modified red-edge simple ratio index
mSR705 (R750 - R445)/(R705 - R445) Sims & Gamon, 2002
Modified red-edge normalized difference vegetation index
mND705 (R750 - R705)/(R750 + R705 - 2R445) Sims & Gamon, 2002
Pigment specific simple ratio
PSSRa R800/R680 Blackburn, 1998
PSSRb R800/R635
PSSRc R800/R470
Pigment specific normalized difference
PSNDa (R800 - R680)/(R800 + R680) Blackburn, 1998
PSNDb (R800 - R635)/(R800 + R635)
PSNDc (R800 - R470)/(R800 + R470)
Ratio analysis of reflectance spectra
RARSa (R650/R700)/(r650/r700) Chappelle et al., 1992
RARSb (R700 × R675/R650) × (r700 × r675/r650)
RARSc (R760/R500)/(r760/r500)
Structure-insensitive pigment index
SIPI (R800 - R445)/(R800 - R680) Peñuelas et al., 1995a
Plant senescence reflectance index
PSRI (R678- R550)/R750 Merzlyak et al., 1999
Carotenoid reflectance indices
CRI550 1/R510 - 1/R550 Gitelson et al., 2002
CRI700 1/R510 - 1/R700
Modified carotenoid reflectance index
mCRI R780/[(1/R510) - (1/R550)] Gitelson et al., 2006
Normalized difference spectral reflectance index
ND(1536,707) (R1536 - R707)/(R1536 + R707) Wang et al., 2009
Spectral reflectance index
SR(723,770) R723/R770 Yang et al., 2010
Normalized difference spectral reflectance index
ND(770,713) (R770 - R713)/(R770 + R713)
Related to nutrient element
植株氮光谱指数 Plant nitrogen spectral index PNSI |(NIR + red)/(NIR - red)| Stone et al., 1996
Ratio vegetation indices
RVI(870,660) R870/R660 Zhu et al., 2008
RVI(810,660) R810/R660
Normalized difference spectral reflectance index
ND(483,503) (R483 - R503)/(R483 + R503) Stroppiana et al., 2009
Related to photosynthesis and chlorophyll fluorescence
Physiological reflectance index
PRI (R531 - R570)/(R531 + R570) Gamon et al., 1992
Fluorescence ratio indices
FRI R600/R690 Dobrowski et al., 2005

Fig. 1

The response mechanism of plant spectral reflectance to carbon-nitrogen-water coupling relationship."

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