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Effects of forest canopy condition on the establishment of Castanopsis fargesii seedlings in a subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forest

WU Xiao-Qi,YANG Sheng-He,HUANG Li,LI Xiao-Han,YANG Chao,QIAN Shen-Hua,YANG Yong-Chuan()   

  1. Key Lab of Three Gorges Reservoir Region’s Eco-Environment, Ministry of Education, Chongqing University, Chongqing 400045, China
  • Received:2018-11-03 Accepted:2019-01-10 Online:2019-04-23 Published:2019-01-20
  • Contact: YANG Yong-Chuan ORCID:0000-0001-7627-7776
  • Supported by:
    Supported by the National Research Basic Work Special Project(2015FY210200-16);Chongqing Technology Innovation and Application Demonstration Major Theme Special Project(cstc2018jszx-zdyfxmX0007);the Natural Science Foundation of Chongqing (CSTC2016jcyjA0379).(CSTC2016jcyjA0379)


Aims The establishment of seedlings is a key life-history stage during the regeneration of plant populations. This study is to investigate the effects of forest canopy condition (large-sized gap: >150 m 2, medium-sized gap: 100-150 m 2, small-sized gap: 50-100 m 2, and understory as control) on the establishment of Castanopsis fargesii seedlings, and to guide in situ management and restoration of subtropical evergreen broad-leaved forests.
Methods We conducted a 3-year in situ seed sowing experiment in the Jinyun Mountain National Nature Reserve under different canopy conditions, and monitored the growth and survival of C. fargesii seedlings for three years (2014-2016).
Important findings We found that: (1) the emergence of the seedlings lasted from July to December, and the emergence of seedlings was delayed under large canopy gaps; (2) overall germination rate was (62.8 ± 2.0)%. The averaged survival rate during three growing seasons was (65.1 ± 2.2)%, with wither being the key type of seedling mortality; (3) there was no significant difference in the germination and survival rates under different canopy conditions in 2014, but significant difference in the survival rates in 2015 and 2016; (4) seedling growth among canopy conditions showed no difference in 2014, but distinct differences in 2015 and 2016. The seedling growth in large- and medium-sized gaps was significantly promoted compared with those growing under closed canopies in terms of total biomass, plant height, base diameter, root length and leaf number (except for the specific leaf area); (5) for each of the four types of canopy conditions, leaf mass ratio (LMR) and stem mass ratio (SMR) of seedlings growing increased within last three years, while root mass ratio (RMR) and root shoot ratio (RSR) decreased. The LMR in large-sized gaps was significantly higher than those in closed canopies, but not for the RMR and RSR. The results suggested that the initial survival and growth of C. fargesii seedlings may be supported by the nutrients stored in seeds, and thus less affected by canopy conditions. However, in late-establishment stages (i.e., the second and third years), gap size could become a key factor in affecting both the seedling survival and growth. And large- and medium-sized gaps could promote the seedling establishment success for C. fargesii.

Key words: canopy condition, seed germination, seedling establishment, growth, Castanopsis fargesii

Table 1

Basic characteristics of sowing plots in forest gaps and understory"

Canopy condition
Area (m2)
Types of formation
Age (year)
主要边界木 Main boundary trees 光通量
Quantum flux
物种 Species 胸径 DBH (cm) 树高 H (m)
Large-sized gap
A 175 人工砍伐栲
Selective cutting of
Castanopsis fargesii
2 C. fargesii 20-45 15-25 484 ± 48.4a
山矾 Symplocos sumunti 10-20 10-20
B 185 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 3-5 C. fargesii 30-40 15-20 513 ± 30.9a
润楠 Machilus nanmu 20-35 15-25
C 190 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 6-8 C. fargesii 25-50 17-20 697 ± 104.3a
润楠 M. nanmu 20-35 10-20
Medium-sized gap
A 122 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 5-7 润楠 M. nanmu 20-30 15-25 365 ± 24.4b
山矾 S. sumuntia 10-20 10-20
短刺米槠 Castanopsis carlesii var. spinulosa 15-30 10-15
B 140 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 5-7 润楠 M. nanmu 15-30 15-25 447 ± 36.5b
C 131 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 5-7 C. fargesii 35-45 15-20 444 ± 53.9b
润楠 M. nanmu 10-20 15-20
山矾 S. sumuntia 10-20 10-20
Small-sized gap
A 88 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 5-7 C. fargesii 35-55 20-25 169 ± 30.7c
润楠 M. nanmu 25-35 20-25
B 72 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 4-6 C. fargesii 40-50 20-25 191 ± 13.3c
润楠 M. nanmu 20-30 15-25
C 75 栲倒木 C. fargesii logs 5-7 C. fargesii 25-40 15-20 199 ± 9.3c
润楠 M. nanmu 10-20 15-20
主要优势种 Main dominant species
物种 Species 胸径 DBH (cm) 树高 H (m)
A 100 - - C. fargesii 35-55 20-25 40 ± 4.1d
润楠 M. nanmu 35-45 20-25
B 100 - - C. fargesii 40-50 20-25 35 ± 3.4d
C 100 - - C. fargesii 35-45 20-25 39 ± 3.9d
冬桃 Elaeocarpus duclouxii 20-35 15-25

Fig. 1

The germination rate of Castanopsis fargesii seeds under different canopy conditions (mean ± SE)."

Fig. 2

Monthly germination rate and germination process of Castanopsis fargesii seeds under different canopy conditions (mean ± SE)."

Fig. 3

Temporal dynamics of Castanopsis fargesii seedling survival rates (mean ± SE) under different canopy conditions. Different lowercase letters showed significant differences among seedling survival rate under different canopy conditions (p < 0.05)."

Fig. 4

Ratio of the causes of Castanopsis fargesii seedling death under different canopy conditions (mean ± SE). Different lowercase letters showed significant differences among the causes of seedling death under same canopy condition (p < 0.05)."

Fig. 5

The interannual variation of the growth indicators for Castanopsis fargesii seedling under different canopy conditions (mean ± SE). * indicates a significant canopy effect on a specific seedling growth indicator at a given stage (**, p < 0.01; ***, p < 0.001)."

Fig. 6

The interannual variation of the biomass allocation for Castanopsis fargesii seedlings under different canopy conditions (mean ± SE). LMR, leaf mass ratio; SMR, stem mass ratio; RMR, root mass ratio; RSR, root shoot ratio. * indicates a significant canopy effect on seedling biomass allocation at a given stage (**, p < 0.01; ***, p < 0.001)."

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